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Our lines of electric heaters

The HD line features high power density cartridge heating elements, belonging to the generation of compacted MgO elements.

The HD line develops up to 50 W/cm².

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The HMC line is the ultimate expression of technological innovation in the field of compacted magnesium oxide heating elements.

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The HTF line comprises square tubular heating elements. Due to their characteristics and performance, they replace traditional armoured round heaters.

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The HBM line consists of band heating elements with micanite insulation that are used to heat the plasticising cylinders on plastics processing machines.

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The HFM line consists of elements suitable for contact heating flat surfaces. They can also be housed in mines to heat metal masses, for example.

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The HTA line consists of finned armoured heaters, which are suitable for installation in ventilation ducts or air conditioning systems to directly heat the air flow.

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The HES line consists of ultra-flat electric heaters, produced by a special chemical etching process that allows very thin and particularly flexible elements to be produced.

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The HTL line is represented by heating elements on a threaded plug or flange to meet the multiple liquid heating requirements in the industrial and civil sectors

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