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Tubular Heaters - HTF


The HTF series heaters are square-section tubular heating elements. Due to their characteristics and performance, they replace traditional armoured heaters with a circular cross-section. They are high-performance elements in which the square cross-section of the outer tube guarantees greater heat exchange: up to 60% more than a round-section heater.

Thanks to its square cross-section, perfect stability of the heater inside the connection groove is also guaranteed. You do not have to resort to additional fastening systems to hold the heating element in place. Particularly suitable for use in the distribution plates of hot runner systems, it is also successfully used in the heating of metal surfaces and masses where heat uniformity is a critical factor.


  • Heater section: Square
  • Measures: 6×6 mm
  • Insulating material: Compacted MgO
  • Casing material: Stainless steel
  • Unheated zone length: 30 mm
  • Mini bending radius: 15 mm
  • Maximum temperature on the casing: 700 °C depending on application
  • Connection voltage: 230V (standard)
  • Electrical connection: Smooth terminal

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