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Sensors with connection head


Thermocouples and RTDs suitable for temperature detection of liquid and gaseous fluids with threaded connections to install them directly in the process. Mineral insulation sensors with connection head complete with ceramic terminal block and temperature transmitter with analog output 4-20mA. For the models with welded thermowell connected to the connection head, the exchange of the measurement insert is possible without interrupting the process. The fastening to the process is made by means of a threaded connection welded dirctly on the sheath or by means of special joints or sliding flanges.

Mineral insulated RTDs

Mineral insulated thermocouple

RTDs with compression fittings

Thermocouple with compression fittings

RTDs with extractable insert

Thermocouple with extractable insert

Swaged tip RTDs

Swaged tip thermocouple

RTDs with perforated thermowell

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