Mineral Insulation MgO Thermocouples

Mineral insulation thermocouples’ cables  are made up of an outer metal sheath having inside two conductors of different materials, insulated each other and from outer sheath by means of MgO compacted powder. This type of cable makes these thermocouples much stronger against shocks and vibrations and much more performing compared to the conventional insulation sensors. Unique features of mineral insulation thermocouples are high working temperatures, speed of response, life of the sensor among many others.

They can be equipped with bayonet connections, compression fittings and miniaturized or standard connectors.

Metallic transition
Sliding compression fittings
Standard compensated connector
CREI Heaters - Connettore standard
Miniature compensated connector
Neddle thermocouple
CREI Heaters - Termocoppia a spillo