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50 years together

Highlights of our journey


CREI was founded in the heart of Bologna as a craft business that manufactures electric heaters for industrial applications.


The company moved to its new premises in Castenaso, near Bologna, expanding its production. Driven by increasing demand, it soon began manufacturing temperature probes. Although it remains a family-run business, these years marked a shift in management style towards a more managerial approach.


A significant milestone for CREI - the launch of series production for the HD series cartridge heaters. It took two years to develop a product fully engineered in-house, creating an independent production line that meets the most innovative needs of our customers.


The company entered the Asian market, expanding its exports beyond Europe and the Mediterranean basin.


We moved to a new, larger facility in San Lazzaro di Savena, initiating a radical transformation that culminated in 2004 with the installation of our first monitoring and data collection system dedicated to production.


The company started producing microtubular heaters with substantial investments in equipment and technology. This constructively unique product, originally designed for plastic molding, is being adapted by CREI for completely different applications, such as in the packaging industry

CREI obtained UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.


We moved to our new, much larger premises in Granarolo dell'Emilia, which also allowed the installation of new, higher-performance equipment suitable for making new products.


CREI presented flexible silicone heaters.


The company changed its entire computer system, installing a state-of-the-art ERP with a modern production monitoring system with which all workstations are equipped, allowing constant, real-time data collection.


The company started new production dedicated to mineral oxide probes with co-moulded connectors.


CREI continues to invest in technological innovation by implementing Industry 4.0 for new production processes.

Mission statement

Reliability, experience and maximum flexibility

Our aim is to stand by companies with highly customized technical solutions in the field of electric resistance heating systems, complete with temperature detection probes.

For us, standing by companies means:

being a steadfast and reliable point of reference for everything related to electric resistance heaters and temperature probes.

offering customised specialised components which are designed, developed and produced by CREI for a specific customer requirement.

providing fast service and a standard product line to deal with unforeseen or special cases within a few working days.

We make the values of Made in Italy our own, bringing them to the world of Made in CREI specialised components.

Two ways to stand out

There are two ways to stand out in our industry: demonstrate great reliability or go one step further with highly customised technical solutions. We strive to do our best in both aspects every day.