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Accessories, connectors and cables


Wide range of compensation cables for all the types of thermocouples withn different insulation for working temperatures up to 500 °C and copper and nickel cables for platinum RTDs. Thermocouples and RTDs extension cables complete with connectors.

A wide range of compression fittings to fix the probe to the correct depth of immersion of the process subject to measurement. Bayonet connections complete with spring to rapidly remove the probe from the process. Thermowells to protect the probe and to easily replace it without interrupting the process.

A wide range of standard and miniaturised connectors for thermocouple, from thermoplastic connectors to the ones with ceramic body.
A wide range of accessories and panels is also available.

Bayonet fittings

Compression fittings

Tube thermowells

Standard and miniature connectors

Insert and panel

Compensation cables

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