In-line bundling solution – shrink wrapping.


The significant size of the bundle to be packed required the customer to use a hot welding machine, which welded the material in one go. The large amount of power used resulted in a considerable machining cost for the housing and a critical tendency for the welder itself to deform, impairing the proper functionality of the process. This was further aggravated by an application of heat that was not planar and uniform, but through multiple and equidistant cusps.

CREI's solution 

We engineered the system with a different heating element in close cooperation with the customer’s R&D department.  We designed a mouldable heater that can easily reach the decisive heating zones without wasting power and without temperature redundancies, which are as harmful as they are useless.


  • optimising energy efficiency with the same nominal power rating
  • decreasing active warm-up times
  • use of less costly materials and processing
  • more responsive system
  • optimal heat diffusion in the particular working areas of the welder itself
  • unique system with a design identity that is difficult for third parties to replicate
  • competitive advantage for the customer.
Thermal gap reduction
Increased welding speed/minute

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