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We design, develop and produce
heaters and temperature probes
for industrial applications

We design, develop and produce
heaters and temperature probes
for industrial applications

50 years alongside companies

Our passion, your trust

Every step of our journey is inspired by a strong commitment to technological innovation. Fifty years of research and passion-driven investments have established us as a solid company and a reliable partner.

Made in Italy, Made in CREI

Why manufacture in Italy?

Supply chain control, quality and flexibility. They may sound like simple words, but the results are clearly visible. This choice has allowed us to be a competent partner for the most complex solutions.


Eight lines + one

A fully customised product allows optimal heat distribution and precise temperature control. We work with our customers on a daily basis in the search for the most suitable products.

8 production lines

wide range of electric heaters for industrial applications.

1 standard line

available for immediate delivery.

Which solution suits your business best?

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Click to discover the

HLS standard heater line

Fast Service

Can you have custom heaters ready in 5 days?

Yes, if you rely on CREI. Fast Service is designed to reduce customer machine downtime and support companies that need to test new systems and that are looking for new solutions.

Temperature probes

We manufacture thermocouple and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) to measure material temperatures during the production processes in the plastics, mechanical, food, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Two ways to stand out

There are two ways to stand out in our industry: demonstrate great reliability or go one step further with highly customised technical solutions. We strive to do our best in both aspects every day:

CREI heaters and probes are installed on systems that travel the world, and our customers’ trust is constantly renewed. This is the path that we have chosen to follow for more than 50 years.

The R&D and production departments are the heart of CREI, because it is through continuous exchange that the most suitable solutions for each project are devised. This way, our heaters and probes can be tailored to fit like a glove for every application.

Latest news

Can you have custom heaters ready in 5 days

Yes, if you rely on CREI.

Fast Service is an exclusive CREI service for the urgent production of customised cartridge and coil heaters. We have dedicated an autonomous production line to the service, which renews its process every day, handling dozens of work orders.

We can manufacture all types of cartridge heaters for a maximum batch size of 50 pcs.

If we extend the delivery time by a few days, we can also meet special engineering requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the procedure for placing an order and the costs associated with our service, please reach out to us directly or fill in the form selecting ‘Fast Service’ from the drop-down menu.