Coil heaters

Our HMC series Coil heaters represent the maximum expression of technological innovation in the field of compressed MgO-insulated heating elements.
They are characterised by rather small dimensions and high performances. HMC heaters are suitable for every application where space is particularly contained and where high temperatures are indispensable for the proper functioning of the production process.
Initially developed for hot runner systems and plastic injection moulding, they are now used in many different industrial applications due to their versatility.

Our coil heaters are available in flat, square and round sections, and can be manufactured with a in-built thermocouple in order to control the working temperature.
We can supply all HMC heaters either straight or coiled. Due to their high plasticity, they can be bent in different geometrical shapes and with a differentiated power distribution.
Our HMC heaters, fitted with optional reflection tube, assure a greater surface load and a more efficient heat-transfer to the nozzle, while also granting the heater a superior protection from impact.