Cartridge heaters

The products of our HD series are high-density cartridge elements and belong to the new generation of compacted MgO heaters.
The compaction of MgO ceramics is an innovative technological feature, thanks to which you can obtain uniquely high performances.
In our HD heaters, the resistive wire is winded around an MgO core and is thus located in proximity of the external heater’s tube. This technology prevents the wire from overheating and grants an efficient heat-transfer, many times superior to that of traditional heaters.
The HD series allows for a density of up to 50W/cm2 (or 320W/in2).
For temperature control, HD heaters may be produced with an in-built thermocouple or RTD, and with a differentiated power distribution for a uniform working temperature. We also produce cartridge heaters containing two or more independent sectors within the same element, which allow to control the working temperature in each area. Additionally, non-heating zones are also applicable.

A vast array of standard heaters are available on stock in different diameters, lengths and Watts.
The heaters of our HD series are the top-of-the-line: in critical working conditions, no other cartridge heater provides the same performance and reliability. HD heaters are in constant evolution and are able to meet the demands of the market evermore frequently, with innovative solutions and new fields of application.
The MD heaters also exploit the compacted-MgO technology but, unlike HD heaters, the resistive wire is located more closely to the inner part of the ceramic core. The heaters of the MD series allow for a density of up to 10 W/cm².
The LD series consists of low-density cartridge heaters containing non-compacted ceramics, in which an MgO powder and the coiled resistive wire are inserted.
The heaters of the LD series allow for a density of up to 5 W/cm².