HLS Line

The HLS line is a selection of standard items, ready on stock, designed to adapt to a variety of applications.
The HLS line was conceived to address the requests of the market, although it is also suitable for more than common applications. Owing to the high adaptability of its products, the HLS line can meet your application-specific requirements.
A vast choice of products, always available on stock: high-density cartridge heaters, coil heaters (with and without thermocouple), tubular heaters and temperature sensors (both thermocouples and resistance thermometers).

As for the cartridge heaters within the HLS line, we offer two different connection types: the basic flex solution with 1-meter-long leads and the HE exit, supplied with a 2-holes ceramic cap.
A range of supplements is also available as described in our catalogue: Fixing accessories, protective sleeves and more.
Coil heaters are available in various sizes, wattages and sections: round, square and rectangular. They are available straight on stock and may be coiled and shipped in 48 hours.
We have available a large selection of thermocouples and resistance thermometers, in both conventional and compacted-MgO insulation.
Check our HLS Catalogue to find the product of your interest and get in touch with us to know the real-time availability.