CREI Fast Service

Our FAST SERVICE is a rapid production line, designed for custom cartridge heaters.

“Do you need spare parts for a halted production unit or prototypes for a new project?
Do you have an upcoming exhibition, but have not planned the purchase of the required heaters?
Do you need to meet a peak in production, or handle a customer’s urgent order?
Today, that is no longer a problem.

FAST SERVICE: an autonomous production line thanks to which a custom cartridge heater is ready for shipment within the 5th working day.
The concept of this service has received a warm feedback, because we supply the client with their custom-made items in a short time.
All the types and configurations of cartridge heaters as seen in our catalogue are eligible for the FAST SERVICE.
Once you have determined the product you require, get in touch with us to receive info on the costs of the service and how to proceed with your order.