We possess a 50-years experience in the production of heaters for packaging machinery.

Thanks to the synergy with the major manufacturers in this field and in response to the needs of their applications, we developed a large selection of packaging-specific heaters. We study heating solutions to ensure the most accurate thermal homogeneity, and are specialised in heaters with custom power distributions. In Crei, we offer individual differentiated heating elements and more complex heaters containing two or more independent sectors (coils), which may also be differentiated if required. We also developed a coil heater for rotating sealing systems (flowpack), and a sealing head for the packaging of coffee capsules. We supply temperature sensors designed for high-speed packaging machines.


We offer a large collection of elements which were specifically designed for the Plastics Industry.
We provide high-density cartridge heaters designed to work in the processing of plastics: on dies for injection moulding, extrusion blow moulding and others, in screen changers and in flat dies.
We have a large range of standard coil and tubular heaters on stock.
We also supply thermocouples designed for the plastics industry, with both conventional or magnesium-oxide insulation.

Hot runner

We are among the unconditioned protagonists in the heating of hot runner systems, with our HMC coil heaters.
We have developed high-tech heating elements, which are the result of a continuous and steadfast research.
Via our cooperation with the major manufacturers of hot-runner systems, we designed our HMX nozzle heater.
For the heating of manifold plates, we highly recommend our tubular heaters of the HTF series.
We also offer magnesium oxide thermocouples with a plastic-encapsulated transition, specifically designed for use on hot runner systems.


We have been in the production of cartridge heaters since 1969.

The medium density heaters of our MD series are used in machinery for the moulding and compression moulding of rubbers.

Through the strong collaboration with our customers, we develop ad hoc solutions with a differentiated power distribution in order to obtain highly precise temperatures on the application.


We are a leading company in this field.
We devised heating solutions for digital-printing systems.
If you require performances above the average, we offer customised flexible heaters.
However, in applications where optimal performances are required, our HMC coil heaters give the maximum reliability.
For temperature reading, we recommend resistance thermometers (RTD’s), of which we offer a vast selection. Models with different fastening systems and connection types are available.