About us

Our story began in 1969, in a small room of Bologna’s city centre; there, we started producing our first cartridge heaters.
We grew in the middle of the Packaging Valley over the 70s and became the official partners of many manufacturers of packaging machinery.
At a later time, owing to the accrued experience, we earned the position of leading suppliers of heating elements for industrial applications.
Early in the 90s, we made our official debut in plastic injection moulding with the new high-density cartridge heaters
In the year 2001, with the relocation to the facility of San Lazzaro di Savena, near Bologna, a new phase began. A profound structural and organisational change occurred, in order to face the challenges of an ever-evolving Market.
After an intense stage of research and development, in 2008 we launched the production of coil heaters for hot runner systems.
In 2014 on 21st July, we inaugurated a new factory in Cadriano, a hamlet of Granarolo dell’Emilia just outside Bologna. We provided the facility with the most advanced technologies for the production of cartridge and coil heaters.
We conquered new markets in countries where the concept of high quality is deeply rooted, thanks to the diversification of our products and the development of high-tech heaters.
As of today, we achieved important goals by virtue of the people who have been part of the company’s history.


Becoming the first-mover for innovation through a constant work of Research and Development; paying close attention to the customer-perceived value.
All, without ever losing sight of our core ethical values: transparency and correctness in our partnerships. Finally yet importantly comes our social function as a business in protecting our collaborators and the environment.


Creating extra value, through a path of strong interrelation with the client.
Creating and sharing new solutions; delivering high-quality products and services evermore compliant to our partners’ needs.
Defining together a journey of shared growth; sharing each other’s objectives.


In Crei, the Human Resources represent the main asset of the company.
We rely on the professionalism of a selected staff, whose members are highly qualified and oriented towards Customer Satisfaction.
The proficiency of our personnel contributes to the world-wide success of our company.