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Temperature sensors

Over the years Crei has become more and more specialized in the production of thermocouple and RTD temperature sensors for packaging and plastics industries.


Conventional insulation thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors

Conventional insulation thermocouples (type "J" and "K") and resistance temperature detectors (PT100) are commonly used when working conditions are critical such as for instance in case of vibrations and mechanical stress. These sensors are produced in accordance with IEC or DIN rules. A wide range of mechanical solutions is available, such as clamp screws, eyelet mounting, bands; bayonet thermoelements.


Mineral insulation thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors

Mineral insulation thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors are covered by a highly compacted magnesium oxide sheath. These temperature sensors are used for industrial processes requiring high reliability. External diameters are available from 0,25 till 12,7 mm. Mineral insulation differs from conventional one for some specific technical features such as flexible external sheath, excellent resistance to vibrations, high speed of response, insulation resistance.


Mineral insulation thermocouples for hot runner systems

Thermocouples with molded transition for high temperatures and kapton cables/leads have been designed to read temperatures on hot runner systems' injection nozzles and to ensure more accurate performances , longer life and resistance to mechanical stress. Different diameters and lenghts are available. Fully tight molded transition prevents the sensor from breaking, from material penetration and it is suitable for working temperatures up to 400°C.

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A wide range of standard thermocouples and RTD are available on stock.


HLS is the standard product line created to meet several different applications.


Temperature sensors are 100% made in Italy





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