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Coil heaters

CREI MICROIn the early two thousands, Crei starts manufacturing coils' microtubular heaters.

Today they are the ultimate expression of technological innovation in the field of electric heating.

The first microtubular heaters have been designed for plastics injection molding industry where hot runner system is used and represent the best solution to heat nozzles with very small diameters requiring specific power and very high temperatures.

In 2007 we have started the production of the new high-tech series HMC of coils' microtubular heaters which is the result of a constant and long-lasting research.

HMC series covers a wide range of heaters with rectangular, square and circular sections, with or without built-in thermocouple.

After a while we have also launched the HMC-MINI series, the latest coils' microtubular heaters, very small heaters but with such high performances with rectangular section 1,3x2,3 and circular section 1,8.

Heaters can be supplied coiled or straight to be coiled later on and very complexe shapes can be realized thanks to their flexibility.

HMC and HMC-MINI series can be supplied with reflector tube to grant a better heat exchange and a longer average life of the heater.

An heater that never stops evolving, with more and more innovative solutions to increase and develop heat distribution.



crei applicazione


Plastics industry

Heating of manifolds

Nozzles' heating

Packaging industry

Welding bars

Rolls' heating

Disks' heating

Plates' heating


We have available for you in stock HMC series microtubular heaters with standard diameters, lenghts and power.


HLS is the standard product line created to meet several different applications.


Our microtubular heaters are 100% made in Italy.


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