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Band heaters

A wide range of band heaters have their field of application on the plasticization cylinders for injection molding presses, on extruders, medical and scientific equipment and packaging machines.


Band heaters represent the best solution for a countless list of applications related to cylindrical surfaces' heating.


They can be produced mica insulated or ceramic insulated according to customer's specifications.


Mica insulated band heaters HBM series:

working termperature up to 320°C

specific power up to 4W/cm2

treated steel internal sheet for high thermal conductivity


Ceramic insulated band heaters HBC series:

working termperature up to 420°C

specific power up to 8W/cm2

energy saving; actually the layer of ceramic fiber between the ceramic and the external casing reduces by 20% energy consumption compared to a standard mica insulated band heater.


Band heaters for nozzles:

A wide range of band heaters for standard nozzles is available to meet all requirements related to dimensions and working temperatures.


HNB series includes brass band heaters which are commonly used when overall dimensions are not binding and plastic is not corrosive and they are totally impermeable to molten plastic.


HNT series band heaters are used when only small dimensions are available (hot-chamber diecast) and when they are subject to plastic corrosive action. The electric connection between the heater and the line cords is built in the resistive package and the casing is specially made to ensure a perfect anchorage.


HNS series band heaters have been designed to respond to new market demands for higher and higher power and working temperatures. They are not subject to plastic corrosive action and are totally impermeable to molten plastic.


Band heaters are 100% made in Italy





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