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Cartridge heaters

Since 1969, date of its foundation, Crei has started with the production of cartridge heaters.

At the very beginning the LD series, low power density cartridge heaters, have been designed and developed according to the traditional technology where the wire spiral is housed inside a ceramic insulator which is in turn surrounded by a mass of uncompacted magnesium oxide.

Several years of experience mainly within the packaging industry made the time ripe for starting the production of the first cartridge heater dipped in a compacted magnesium oxide mass. The MD series, medium power density cartridge heaters, was born ensuring greater reliability to mechanical stress.

In the early nineties', the HD series, high power density cartidge heaters, has been launched on the market and has become the highest rated of the family as it is the result of a manufacturing advanced technology with special attention given to its performance and reliability.

HD series' heater is the best choice to grant great performances under very critical working conditions.

HD series is the top of this family range and still represents/is our core business.

Heaters with built-in thermocouple, differentiated power heaters distributing heat following the different needs, heaters with one or multiple independent zones within a unique external tube, humidity-resistant heaters, different fastening systems and connections, insulated connection cables according to specific applications.


A cartridge heater that never stops evolving, with more and more innovative solutions to meet customers' satisfaction.


Due to its technical features, the cartridge is the more versatile electric heater and for this reason it is used within several industrial sectors.

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Plastics industry

Rubber industry

Packaging industry

Wood industry

Textile industry

Paper industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Die casting industry


Today we have available for you on stock HD cartridge heaters with standard diameters, lenghts and power.


HLS is the standard product line created to meet several different applications.


Fast Service is a devoted production line for cartridge heaters we have thought to comply with your request for urgent deliveries.


Our cartridge heaters are 100% made in Italy.





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