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FAST SERVICE is a production line for non standard cartridge heaters to comply with your request for urgent deliveries.


If you need spare parts since a production line stopped or prototypes since you are working on a new project, if you are organizing an exhibition and necessary heaters have not been purchased on time, if you need to cope with a production peak or if you simply have urgent purchase orders from your customers.


Today you can easily come out from these unpleasant situations.


Fast Service is a devoted production line allowing us to manufacture our products following your technical drawings and /or specifications , in many case, within the 5th working day from your purchase order.

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This is an idea that is gaining a great success; our customers knows from sure since the beginning that the cartridge heaters will be produced according to their specifications in a very short time.


All cartridge heaters can be produced using our Fast Service according to the specifications indicated in our technical catalogue.


Once you have determined the type of heater to be purchased, you can always get in touch with us to know the procedures to be followed and the cost of this additional service.


In case you need a new product it is advisable to get in touch first with our technical department to define the type of heater you need.


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