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crei macchinaCREI, electric heaters since 1969.

CREI starts its production of low density cartridge heaters in Bologna, in the so-called "Packaging Valley". Thanks to the experience gained in the packaging field, CREI has become official partner of many manufacturers of automatic packaging machinery of food and pharmaceutical production. The beginning of the 1990s marks another important phase: the entrance of the first high density cartridge heaters. In the following years, coil microtubular heaters were launched for the injection system of plastic material. At present, CREI heaters are used in different industrial fields. We are among leading companies for the production of electrical cartridge heaters and microtubular heaters. Currently, all research and development activities, production and business directory, are located in San Lazzaro di Savena, in the outskirts of Bologna. We have reached new markets in countries where the concept of quality is strongly rooted, thanks to product differentiation and the development of new high-tech heaters.


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In a market of uncertainty it is fundamental to compete through innovation.

With over forty years of experience, we intend to pursue our culture of product and process innovation, tradition, and technical wealth. Today, the role of research and development in our company is fundamental because it is at the head of our strategy: strengthening Crei's position in the world. Creating synergy with our clients is a lever to create new specific products that meet the requested technical specifications. It is in the packaging machinery industry that we created electrical heaters which meet conditions to join materials increasingly sensitive to different temperature ranges. In the plastic field, heating elements of increasingly small dimensions for hot-runner systems supplies. HLS is a standard product line, which is designed to meet numerous applications.



Processes of production in which human resources are the primary asset. Qualified professional figures to achieve high quality standards that meet market needs. Crei's production lines are made up of fully developed machines featuring very high precision technology, and able to produce products with the same high quality standards. An IT network and new production management software allow us to obtain real-time information regarding the progress of the job orders, to monitor the machine and production phase efficiency level, as well as the intermediate and final testing. Thanks to the Fast Service, an independent production line customers might receive a wide range of standard heaters or special heaters tailored to designs within five working days.


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